Ran eggs

Ran and her egg

Ran (ラン, Ran) was Amu Hinamori's first Guardian Character. She represents Amu's desire to become more athlectic, honest and out going.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Ran is always seen with her pom-poms even in her egg. She wears a pink cheer-leading dress witha dark pink bandana, pink sneakers, a pink visor with a pink heart clip, with socks and her hair and eyes are pink.


Ran is almost always cheerful and encouraging, but since she doesn't have many abilities beyond her athletic skills she is mostly seen cheering for her friends instead of helping them. She sometimes uses random english like "yay!", and "go for it" when she cheers. She is also honest, as seen in her first character change with Amu. A very energetic and peppy character, she cannot seem to stay still for a long time.

Likes: Cheering people on.

Dislikes: Staying or keeping still.