Tamara Tsukiyomi
Tamara Tsukiyomi is Amu Hinamori's and Ikuto Tsukiyomi's oldest daughter. Tamara loves bunnies it's like Ikuto with catnip.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Tamara has longish pink hair, and green embraled eyes. She has Ikuto's body but no one can really tell. Tamara also has a birthmark on her foot, it is in the shape of a bunny ear! Her body and face is structered with Ikuto while her colors (hair, eyes, ect.) is by Amu. The twins are the opposite.


Tamara is nice and kind. But when you push her buttons she can be horribly cruel. She shows her true and clever personality. She gets her personality from Ikuto. She loves to tease her crush and stuff like Ikuto and Amu.

Guardian CharactersEdit

Tamara is like Amu because she is also gifted with 4 guardians but these guardians are different to her mother's (Amu's).

Emi is Tamara's first guardian. Emi is bubbly, cute and she is obsess with bunnies!!! She wears a type of red japanese kimono with red shoes, white large bunny ears, a her long light pink hair is tied in to ponytails with two red ribbons, a two clip and she also has a dice attached to her bunny ears. Emi represents Tamara's love for bunnies. Emi's is like Dia.

Misaki is Tamara's second guardian. Misaki is very pleasant, kind and caring just like a princess. Misaki looks exactly like Snow White with her black curly hair, a red headband, ebony eyes and a red,blue and yellow dress. Misaki represent Tamara's desire to become more elegant kind of like Nadeshiko Fujisaki's Guardian Temari. Misaki is like Miki.

Rin is Tamara's third guardian. She is very cold to others and she can be easily pissed off. Rin fights for what she believes in and will never take anyone's feelings into consideration. Rin wears a schoolar type of uniform with a a red coat with a blue skirt and dark blueish socks, Rin also has purple eyes and blondish and brownish hair. Rin represents Tamara's desire to never give up kinda like X-Dia with Utau Hoshina. Rin is like X-Dia.

Character ChangeEdit

Rin- When Tamara Chara Change with Rin she becomes cold and a expert swords man. She isn't afraid of anything. She gets a wooden sword to attack her opponent. Before Chara Change Rin is heard saying Hit, Whack, Hurt.

Misaki- When Tamara Chara Change with Misaki she becomes polite, princess like. She receive a crown, and is able to convince sombody anything because of her cuteness.

Emi- When Tamara Chara Change with Emi she becomes she becomes cute and bubbly. She is easily drawn to carrots. Like Ikuto and catnip, She loves to have fun and gets bunny ears and a tail.

Character TransformationEdit

When Tamara Chara Nari she says the same word as Amu Hinamori because she also says "Watashi no Kokoro anrokku".